Jeproks Spirit Lives on in Team Manila Tees

BY MADS BAJARIAS | The only t-shirt designers I've seen who are able to capture the middle-brow Manila look: Team Manila Graphic Design Studio. They get just right the jury-rigged-and-duct taped tropicalia of chaotic Metro Manila.

Their tees' illustrations are crowded, multi-layered, graphic elements elbowing each other and infused with a chirpy (verging on the satirical) nationalism. There is something in Team Manila's designs that echo the lamented happy-go-lucky jeproks and Jingle vibes.

Comedian Joey de Leon had an equally hilarious phrase for the jeproks set: mga hiping hilaw. Nevertheless, it was a fun time that resulted in a distinctive art style.

Manila hippies (if there are any left), might balk at the price, though, as these tees are more expensive than most.

Aside from the mens' and womens' tees, Team Manila now have a kids' collection: Tiny Manila.

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