Pilipinas Street Plan's Crypto-Botanical Wonder

Pilipinas Street Plan (PSP) is a group of technically-proficient street and graf artists experimenting with diverse styles and forms. I was browsing through photos of their Bonifacio Day 2007 collaboration and among the many gems I found is this pop surrealist tree. Well, tree-ish.

This must be what a Greenpeace activist's nightmare looks like: a genetically-modified organism gone wild. Or, this is something that could happen if Hans Christian Andersen studied botany, watched "Little Shop of Horrors" nonstop for a week and developed a foot-and-tentacles fetish. Or, maybe, you know, it's just a tree with lipstick and sharp teeth flirting with a mohawked octopus astride an elephant who's into shoes. Either way, it's wicked. Go to PSP's website to see more.

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