Mariano Ching, Louie Cordero and the Rise of the Spooky Rat-Brained Machines

BY MADS BAJARIAS | If Bart Simpson grew up to be an artist he'd probably make something like this: Wild-eyed bike pogo tots with knee-high socks charging towards zombie-lady made of glowing green goo. This is one of the pop surreal stuff to be exhibited by Mariano Ching and Louie Cordero in their show "Death Scream" at blanc. Weird fun is the order of the day. Over at the University of Reading, scientists removed neurons from a rat's brains and hooked them to electrodes on a robot. Spooky rat zombie shit! The robot takes its instructions from the pink broth of rat brains and manages to avoid obstacles 80% of the time (hell, even humans can't avoid 100% of obstacles in their way, right?). So is this the beginning of Skynet? Over at the University of Geneva, scientists are using the Large Hadron Collider to explore how two subatomic particles can seemingly communicate nearly instantaneously, even if they are separated by cosmic distances. Einstein dismissed this in his lifetime, calling it "spooky action at a distance." But it seems the LHC is going to find more and more situations where Einstein's ideas don't apply. Just last week, they recorded sub-atomic particles zooming at speeds ten thousands faster than the speed of light opening the theoretical possibility of faster-than-light warp speeds (cue "Star Trek" music). So it's a brand new world out there. While most of it doesn't make sense in terms of classical Newtonian physics, it's all in good fun (until the machines take over and wipe us out). "Death Scream" opens on August 15.

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