Jigger Cruz's Metaphysical Chemistry Set Explodes

BY MADS BAJARIAS | For Jigger Cruz's "Liquidus Curve" shown at blanc, we'll have to let go of any pretense about having easy and pat interpretations. Elusiveness is the key here. A perpetual balancing act. Liquidus, I've since learned, is a term from chemistry. It seems that a liquidus curve is the graphical representation of temperature's relationship with composition. The curve shows the temperatures at which a liquid solution is in equilibrium with its vapor and with the solid solution. I don't understand much of it but it all sounds fascinating. Same with Cruz's work. We may not comprehend the underlying science or metaphysics of it, but the shifting alliances on the canvas, the entanglements at work somehow mirror the instability of all physical relationships and this dynamism rings true for all human experience. We strive for equilibrium amid chaos. We try our best to find patterns amid the gathering forces of disorder.

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