Crist Espiritu's Green-Tongued Monster
Chooses the Blue Pill

BY MADS BAJARIAS | Crist Espiritu's "My Heart Pumps Neon Acrylic" exhibited at blanc is crazy-ass fun. The green-tongued anarchic heart with a pig stuck in one of its veins (artery-clogging cholesterol?) and a rainbow in another is a strong metaphor of a heart gone awry and emotions running rampant. Remember when you were young and in love? If yes, then this heart gone bonkers should look familiar. But the eccentric composition is somewhat puzzling to some viewers who may wish that they had a Sharpie or a bunch of crayons to fill in the blank space in the middle of the canvas. Intriguingly, who's the girl and what havoc has she done to the artist that he had to stencil her image six times? Maybe its better to leave this mystery alone. The heart has its reasons which reason knows not of.

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